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hip-hop-rap (6270) pop (840) electronic (1096) trap (852) r-b-soul (806) world (573) dance-edm (832) techno (643) alternative-rock (443) house (648) rock (400) classical (319) hip-hop (311) deep-house (360) indie (238) dubstep (302) arabic (188) entertainment (169) trance (433) drum-bass (398) ambient (231) dancehall (229) news-politics (169) soundtrack (238) funk (194) View all genres

Soundcloud to mp3 : This soundcloud to mp3 converter is the best on internet ! You just need to copy/paste your soundcloud link and download it to mp3.
If you like to have the right artwork in your playlists, you can download the original artwork in full size too !

How to convert soundcloud to mp3 guide :

I can't convert soundcloud to mp3, what can I do ?

Sounddrain is improving day by day, but with several links it can not work, in this case, you can try to find another link for the track (use the share button, copy the link from the track page, or try to find another source for this track). 

Please note that the paid tracks (soundcloud stream sample only) and most of the tracks from a verified user are not downloadable.

Does convert Soundcloud to mp3 is legal ?

Yes, the Sounddrain Soundcloud to mp3 converter is 100% legal and free, you can convert soundcloud to mp3 unlimited for free without any problem if you have the permission to do that. The licence and the ability to download the song without permission is provided on the soundcloud to mp3 convertion page

Sounddrain is provided as is, without any working promises, most of soundcloud links are working but sometime it generate an error.
This service can be updated without warning, and sounddrain can be able in the future to : convert youtube to mp3 or mp4, convert vimeo to mp3 or mp4, convert facebook video to mp4 or mp3, etc…
All the Soundcloud to mp3 files are stored in soundcloud servers, sounddrain doesn’t store any mp3 files on its servers.

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