Soundcloud mp3 downloader, Youtube mp3 converter, download free mp3 with Sounddrain !

Sounddrain is a free online tool that permit you to download any data from the most famous media platforms of the internet !

With the Soundcloud MP3 Downloader, copy and paste your soundcloud link and get the original download links for mp3 and artworks directly from soundcloud.

The Youtube MP3 Converter let you grab and download the MP3 and video original files directly from youtube.

Download your favorite songs & artworks with sounddrain !

Copy and paste the link of any media from internet, sounddrain will try to scrape the data from your source link and will show you all the download links and data you need,
the download links for the audio or video content, and all the links for different artwork sizes !

Save any data from Soundcloud, Youtube, etc...

Sounddrain is a Soundcloud to mp3 converter but it is also compatible with the most famous platforms of the internet.

Data will be scraped directly from your source link and Sounddrain will show you all this data, including fresh download links directly from the platform servers,
it mean that you don't download from Sounddrain but directly from the original source, don't worry about copyrighted content if you are using public data for personal purposes.

Can I download full playlist or albums using Sounddrain ?

Sounddrain is updated regularly, and it can be not compatible with all your links. Albums and playlists are not retrieved by Sounddrain right now, a future update will include this feature soon !

What are the compatible platforms ?

Sounddrain is originaly created for working with Soundcloud, but it can be compatible with all of the most famous medias platforms, you can try to download mp3 from Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion, etc...

I try to convert a link but it won't show the links, what can I do ?

If you get empty data or no links at all, it probably mean that you are trying to convert a protected content (in this case, you can't go any further because of copyright), otherwise,
try to find your content in another platform sush as soundcloud to convert it to mp3.