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Your Planet Is Next - Virgo Moon (OPAL085)

A1 - Hello
A2 - Ghosty's Dream
A3 - Ye Olde MT-240
A4 - Super8
A5 - Raindrops
B1 - Re-Fridgerator
B2 - Kontroll
B3 - Last Of The LDB-1
B5 - Virgo Moon
B6 - Goodbye

YPIN and Osynlig Fetma's Grafiti Tape #3 was one of my favourite listens of 2015. A funny, composed and truly odd mixtape. This is the same thing (post Cher "Believe" cover Top 10 success)...

Half narrated by YPIN, abrupt interludes of answerphone message paranoias jump in and out the mixtape which is a balance beam of bizarro acid sketches, dying gear memorials and outright tweaked club bangers. The tape is sold with a slightly different tracklist (there's more) than the digital in this situation so make your decision and/or keep your eyes peeled to nodata for the insta-rip (bastardos). CHEERS ARVID, GOOD BYE.

Out early September on Opal Tapes
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