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put your love on hold

‘cause it’s time to take the bins out

cancel all the sunshine

i just want to blackout

in-between the shots

we’ll spill some juicy gossip

‘she said he said’ stories

will give us all a fat lip

we’re surrounded with souls

but still feel so alone

university love

save my heart from cheating in an exam

university love

wake me up when summer begins again

sleep until the afternoon

scribble ’til the sunset

overdose on netflix

watching shows i’ll forget

it’s hard to be a scholar

when i’m cheaper than a dollar

my records are like ladies

i don’t know how to play these

we’re surrounded with ghosts

but still we make the most of it

sticks and stones will break all my bones

but your heart’s wired to feel happy alone

we kill the lights and break promises

as we fill ourselves full of pretty fizz

what did you expect?

my funeral would be late

i’ll never fucking graduate
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Alternative Rock
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