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Art credit to :

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L Y R i C S :

I wish I could go fly,
Black cloud in a gold sky.
Why my special defense is so high.
No false pretenses, I go by.

Why they say the ghost is come? why they say it sad to cry?
Make it so the hope has won, so we never have to hide.
I'm the only one they could never have predicted,
I'm the king of ocean love who was so hidden.

I could open up the sun, I could make it better,
I could soak on up the love, sew you up so clever.
I am just a frankenstein, I am just a monster.
I am what I have to climb, I am just a mountain.

I am just an open sea, I am just a wave.
I am just so hopelessly, falling in my fate.
Won't you catch me, ocean floor, won't you hold me up?
Was this what you're hoping for, did i fill your cup?

Synced up like an umbreon, did you see my gold ?
Pouring forth like summer ponds, how the rivers flow.
i am just a hidden one, i am just a shadow.
i am just a little one, i am just a battle.
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