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Download Through Ancient Eyes [Mixtape] Tribal Trap / Global Bass / Psy-Bass / Eastern Dubstep by Samaya free mp3

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Excited to finally share my latest mix with you! It's a blend of ethnofusion bass music together with the amazing artwork from Android Jones which I gave a Shivelight touch, to visually aid you on this journey :D

It's a mix with a lot of my favorite tracks I found last year that I want to show you. Much love to all artists for creating these gems!
Music from sonic wizards like Bwoy De Bhajan, Audeka, LOrenzo, Byzantine Time Machine, CloZee, SOOHAN, Bassline Drift, Symbolico and many more. Thank you so much for your music!

Check it on youtube:

Poranguí - Sachamama (Numatik Remix)
Mind Over Mayhem - Trapped In Bangladesh
Koyö x Intr3pico - Valley of the Kings (AlgoRythmiK Remix)
L*o*J – Kong
Anchor Hill - Red Silk
Clearlight – Blotter
Sikada x Byzantine Time Machine – Cuneiform Chronicle (Gisaza Remix)
Yider x Jason Hou - Foreign Land (Jai Tee Remix)
Audeka - Ode to Oberyn
Sikada x Byzantine Time Machine - Cuniform Chronicle
Temple Step - Gracias, Gracias (Dysphemic Remix)
Bassline Drift - Radha Ramana (Ft. Kirtaniyas)
SUBROOT - Babble On
Detox Unit & Hullabalo0 - Whatchu Need (Iyakuh & Pathwey Remix)
MantisMash - Dreamers Eardrums
Lo.Renzo feat Nico_Asha - Lhwar Jewda
SOOHAN-Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka - Shreya Ghoshal (SOOHAN Remix)
SOOHAN - Super Heady Spiritual Gangster (Dropkick Bootleg)
Anchor Hill - Jungle Heat
CloZee – Desert
Kaya Project - Soul Sanctuary (Bwoy the Bhajan Remix)
5AM x Iyakuh – Shuhasu
Symbolico - Har Braha
Echo&Tito - YYY (TRIBONE Remix)
Desert Dwellers-Saraswati's Twerkaba (David Starfire Remix)
David Starfire - Turn it Up
Govinda - Beautiful Mystery
Wu Wei x Subleeminal - Balancing Act (Lo.Renzo Remix)
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