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Now It's time we act out and give the real answer!

So long now we couldn't experience a gathering where we cross the limits and show that everything is possible. World's most intelligent music that has been intterrupted, stopped or cancelled just because it is darker or faster; Now is going to flow through freely from FunctionOne - Amy.

We are finally at the end of this confusion that drove us into the chaos with several unsuccesful attemps of events.
We got together as different teams that work only for music and felt the need of organizing an event urgently! We want to answer this nonesense by gathering all the family only caring about music. Together we will make music freely and dance.
For many years now in Turkey there were many and different psychedelic events. Despite of that these gatherings has the power to become an alternative living module with its philosophy and collectice power; these organizations became empty without any manifest power, mostly because of the attitute of the organizers.

After many tense and confusing moments of this year, we now understand how we start to feel as we are living as a part of world-class giant-company that contains wasted souls of neo-liberal capitalist system. It feels like the power we get from creativity and transparency, the power that gives us ability to create a better world, is now a matter of corporate issue. While we define everything with the creative force of the music and spiritualism, we realised that we have been treated wrong and unrespectful, given bad memories and energy drained by the events that we support, participate and play. That's why we decided to withdraw rapidly from these events urgently which we don’t feel to support anymore.

As everything happens for a reason; these barbaric and unrespectful behaviours created a wonderful idea with beautiful energy. Sound Monsters and Intergalacted Tribe are coming together and proud to announce the first part of many future rave/events, that will be only music and friendship oriented and will create a genuine alternative to the system. The Dark Code - Responsum De Lorem will take place in Girdev Plateau. Every heart filled with music is welcomed!
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