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Sounds From NoWhere welcomes aboard the Berlin based dj Chloé Lula [aufnahme + wiedergabe].

Chloé Lula is a San Francisco-born, Berlin-based artist on [aufnahme + wiedergabe].
She has been earning recognition for her eclectic music curation, which blends dark strains of: electro, EBM and slow and sludgy wave and industrial.
Known for the unique energy of her performances, she delivers a forceful selection that will make you move!
Have a good listening.

01. Digital Poodle - Soul Crush (Zoviet France Virtual Mix) [Shadow Canada]
02. Sacred Lodge - Un Sueno Rojo (Original Mix) [OKVLT]
03. Hiro Kone - Scotch Yoke Pt. I & II (Original Mix) [Dais Records]
04. Essaie pas - Complet Brouillé (Chloé Lula Re-Cut)
05. UBX127 - Vectors (Chloé Lula Re-Cut)
06. Asusu - Trephine (Original Mix) [Impasse]
07. Morphology - Magnetospheric (Original Mix) [Zyntax Motorcity]
08. Black Merlin - Resistance (Original Mix) [OMNIDISC]
09. Dasha Rush - Black Swan (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
10. Sigha - Down (Function Remix) [Token Records]
11. Borusiade - Forewarned Is Forearmed (Original Mix) [Unterton]
12. Noise Unit - Deceit (Original Mix) [Artoffact Records]
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