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Download Shut The Fuck Up (Prod. Purpdogg) [MUSIC VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION] by OmenXIII free mp3

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Aye, Shut The Fuck Up.

Don't let those numbers keep distorting your reality
You aint shit, you a bitch if you askin me,
You can mind your fuckin business I don't want no beef.
but there ain't no fuckin peace for me until I rest in peace.

Aye, I turn a massacre into a bloody masterpiece,
OmenXIII leave the scene such a catastrophe.
If they still ain't really fuckin with me then they fast asleep.
When I just can't sleep, I smoke some weed and get to counting sheep.

Money jump, jumpin like a motherfuckin athelete
Aye, Bitch I know, Bitch we know that you ain't trappin g
What the fuck you mean I thought that you was rollin 30 deep.
Thought you had them 30 clip-extendos with the laserbeams.

Now you out here slippin, trippin, fallin on the concrete.
Mad because you broke, just keep hopin' you might make it g.
But you best believe that you should never try to take the king,
XIII, King of Demons, Prince of Shadows from deep underneath.

Aye, Shut The Fuck Up, Bitch, shut the fuck up.

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