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9souls -
you Wanna peek inside
I'll Show you what's behind
The walls that I built
You'll find out in the right time
Tell me all your secrets
I swear I'll always keep them
Don't wanna be a regret

Wanna run away with me
(lilac: i wanna run away with you)
Show you a different side of me
One you won't forget
(9souls & lilac): Now I'm stuck inside your head
(lilac: as i look into your eyes)
Why'd you have to go
Please just let me know
Im about to lose control

(lilac: stuck in your eyes)

God damn it hurts
Running from my past is only making it worse
(lilac: im running from myself)
One touch you cursed
Wanna take it all away from me and put me in the dirt
My sanity slipping away hold on to the thought that you'd stay

Tired beaten
Broken down
I'm losing control
(lilac: losing control)
I can't breathe
Scratch my skin
Rip off my clothes
Hands around my neck ya you're making me choke
God damn So sweet the smile on your face
As I watch you kill me

(lilac: can you leave me be?
is this everything you want me to be?)

Fucked up
I'm dead
Fuck this
Rather be alone instead
Fucked up
Can't stand
Fucked up
Rather be alone instead
(lilac: be alone.
Blurred thougts cloud your mind.)

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