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1) 12 Tribes - Bayaa (Reverend+Lowdown's Rehashed Mix)
2) lizard king Finale
3) Reverend Lowdown - Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
4) 12 Tribes - Luna Louva -Laboratorium Piesni
5) Reverend Lowdowns Collard Green Recipe
6) Reverend+Lowdown -Pale Blue Dot (Slow House Mix)
7) 12 Tribes - Harambe (Original Mix)
8) Reverend+Lowdown - Native Sun (Original Mix)
9) Reverend+Lowdown - Madagascar (Original Mix)
10) 12 Tribe + Reverend Lowdown - Staring Silent
11) Of the Unknown
12) Purest Form ( Remastered) 2 Finale
13) Soul of Zoo - Wilderness (Reverend+Lowdown's _Playa'n Mayan_ Mix)
14) Reverend+Lowdown - Traveling Time ( Lost Nomads Mix)
15) Papua New Guinea (Final)
16) Djumo 11111 This fuckin one
17) 12 Tribes - Sacred Spirit
18) Jungle Muse 1234
19) Hand me Down
20) Indigo Blue (The Otherwise Lost Mix)
21) Something New 2
We are the frequency we exude. We have the ability to change the world around us with our energy. I made that my focus when creating.
I try to emulate peace, love and tranquility though my music,
-Reverend Lowdown focuses on deep - soulful house with an uplifting message as 12 Tribe brings a more organic feel. Creating an atmosphere using natural and enchanting sounds from all over the world.
Hello friends
I am pleased to present you a new mix again and hope that you have as much fun while listening as the dj did when producing
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Daniel De Sol
Music lover, Dj, Producer, Labelfounder of DeSol Record, DeHelix Records
& the Podcast show Kombinat Sternradio. Here you can find him in his universe:
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