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This is a mix for mourning the loss of those who have departed. This is also a mix to honor those who may be departing soon. I made this for a friend who lost someone close to him. There are a lot of songs that you may have already heard. There are a few unreleased versions and new stuff too.

Mourning Mix Tracklist
All songs written and produced by Random Rab
1. Dreaming Beneath the Snow (feat. Katie Grey)
2. HymnalAYA (feat. Rigzin)
3. Apparently (feat. Katie Grey)
4. For My Corpse
5. The Whisper (feat. Rena Jones)
6. The River (feat. Ilya Goldberg on mandolin)
7. Requiem
8. K’khana
9. Palace (feat. Sasha Rose)
10. The Sweetest Death
11. Weary Branches
12. Dune’s Lullaby
13. Final Transmission
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