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Mix & Master - @Delyno


I quit my job and I want to go
To my goals, without trouble
My scars are closed and I just wanna love
I will never let you down

I just need to see a new landscape
I just need to breathe and escape
Everyone has a dream… Like me!

I will travel in the galaxy
I will kill all my enemies
But I'll do anything to stay me
And stay free, stay free


Bye friends, thank you for being there
You are in my heart forever
Remember, remember, the life is hard.
Genre :
Deep House
Release :

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Download this Deep House song created on 07/09/2016, by Proto Avatar Proto .
The track duration is 43:11.
The soundcloud track was commented 1518 times and was played 3561393 times, with 66677 favorites.

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