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Download pølaroit LIVE @ Stil Vor Talent's Winter Warmer | Ritter Butzke Berlin | 26.1.19 by pølaroit free mp3

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We present you our liveset debut from Stil vor Talent's Winter Warmer, recorded at Ritter Butzke Berlin.
Enjoy one hour of pølaroit including a lot of new music which will be released within the next months.

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1. Firøye (Stil vor Talent)
2. Midgard (Stil vor Talent)
3. Far From Home (Stil vor Talent)
4. Broken Chords (Stil vor Talent)
5. Leaving Alaska (Stil vor Talent)
6. Lyr
7. Moving Forward (Trndmusik)
8. Day of Departure (Trndmusik)
9. No Borders (Ton Töpferei)
10. Dew (Stil vor Talent)
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