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Download 「千の刃濤、桃花染の皇姫 -花あかり-」OP - 桃幻浪漫 (Epsilon Remix) by Epsilon114 free mp3

This track is an unofficial bootleg remix.
The original song "Airots - 桃幻浪漫" is from "桃幻浪漫 ~『千の刃濤、桃花染の皇姫 花あかり』マキシシングル feat. Airots~" ( ).

Please buy the above CD which includes the original song if you favorite this remix, thank you.

* Airots - 桃幻浪漫
- 作詞:永原さくら
- 作曲:小高光太郎・UiNA
- 編曲:小高光太郎
- Airots (アイロトス)

* 千の刃濤、桃花染の皇姫 -花あかり-
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