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Hated in someone babe
Somebody beside you
You were loving someone baby
I tried to get you babe
Gotta got you babe
Nobody nobody knows

I've worked hard to get you
And finally you recognize me
(Everything has changed, we love each other)
Am i selfish oh no

It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
Nobody nobody else to me
Nobody nobody else

아직 우린 어리고 끝없이 단 둘만의 감정을 태워
또, 널 위한 모든 것
여기 우리 둘이 모든 것이 되어 네가 존재하는 걸
난 그것뿐이야 네가 피운 꽃

Ah You sang this aria, Our life in Laputa
Ah 난 그것뿐이야 내겐 너뿐이야
No Nobody Nobody else

Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by KINO

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