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Download Manchester by the Sea Soundtrack - Sound Of Sorrow by Mohamed Kadan free mp3

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00:00 - Manchester Minimalist for Piano and Strings
02:20 - Smoke
03:55 - Manchester Minimalist Piano and Strings (Variation)
06:10 - Adagio Per Archi E Organo in Sol Minore (The London Philharmonic Orchestra)
14:40 - Smoke Reprise with Bass And Strings
16:15 -Manchester By The Sea Chorale
18:30 -Manchester By The Sea Strings Reprise
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Soundcloud to mp3 generated a mp3 download link for this file : manchester-by-the-sea-soundtrack-sound-of-sorrow.mp3.
Download this Soundtrack song created by Mohamed  Kadan Avatar Mohamed Kadan .
The track duration is 57:37.
The soundcloud track was commented 19 times and was played 78388 times, with 2519 favorites.

This track is not downloadable without permission, licence is: all-rights-reserved

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