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The Aural Drug was ingested.......the whole tribe lay in their hammocks until the sacred gong unleashed the sound of a million wilderbeasts galloping accross the plains,dust raising,stomping,pulses that shatter the calm and propell our turbo thrusters into oblivion,this is music for the apocaplyse...where space curves,and electrons tweak Neutrons this is music for the countdown of evolution,a maelstrom of Alien vocabs and artificial
intelligents for robots and Jedi alike......your neighbours will hate it......people will leave the room when played loud...but on the dancefloor..the mystery unveils itself..into orgasmic geometry and turbulence
of sound juggling.....these are notes to push us to our limits....and enjoyable as a wash under a cosmic music for adults...electronic.....gratification....for the nation...
love it.......rock with it....
Genre :
Mad Tribe

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