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Download Leila's world (Mashrou' Leila) \ مزيج مشروع ليلى by Nader Ibrahim Soliman free mp3

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Leila's world (Mashrou' Leila) \ مزيج مشروع ليلى

1\ Im Bimbilla7
2\ 3al 7ajiz
3\ Ma tetrikni heik
4\ 3ubwa
5\ Abdou
6\ 7abeby
7\ Ala babo
8\ 7abeby
9\ Ala babo
10\ Ara Salma (Hamid Sinno)
11\ Byshouf
12\ El Hal Romancy
13\ Ghadan youm afdal
14\ Inni mini7
15\ Khaleeha Zikra
16\ Lel watan (Leesh Mekasher)
17\ Latlit
18\ Men el taboor
19\ 3al 7ajiz
20\ Sawsan (Ma tetrikni heik)
21\ Shim ElYasmine
22\ Wajih
23\ We nueied
24\ Taxi
25\ Shim ElYasmine
26\ Byshouf
27\ Ra2asouk
28\ Fasateen
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Download this Leila song created by Nader Ibrahim Soliman Avatar Nader Ibrahim Soliman .
The track duration is 19:58.
The soundcloud track was commented 83 times and was played 395055 times, with 11708 favorites.

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