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i think i know why you changed your mind

i think that you’d fall from any height

you won’t knock me down

so i’ll play along

until you realise i’m gone

you’ll be in this situation soon

he’ll turn on you and pop your balloon

you’ll call me for help

but i’m not around

i’ve already left this town

i hope i paint your conscience with a regret

i hope you feel the way you’ve made me feel

‘cause i wouldn’t sink so low to hurt you

i hope you make mistakes that kill your friendships

i hope you’re a victim of bitter loose lips

i wouldn’t sink so low to hurt you

even if you could apologise

it’s too late to filter out the lies

we are dead as ghosts

i’m a silver cloud

that wont shine over your crowd

bring it on

pathetic attempts at trying to bring me down

bring it on

slamming my name all around this town

bring it on

a selfish agenda with a biased view

bring it on

distorting the truth until it will suit you

bring it on

targeting my friends to turn them away

bring it on

bitching like crazy with nothing to say

bring it on

throwing your stones inside a glass house

bring it on

i wouldn’t sink so low
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Alternative Rock
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