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Download Helena Hauff 16.04.16 [3hr live mix] @Mantra, Manchester | Meat Free x 20 Yrs of Blueprint Records by Meat Free free mp3

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"Back in the second room, the undisputed set of the night was beginning. Werkdiscs and Lux Rec favourite Helena Hauff took over from Objekt and from the second she stepped up, commanded the floor, delivering an absolute monster of a set that showed us exactly why she’s been on the receiving end of so much widespread praise recently.

Grubby, distorted techno, dark and dingy EBM, knackered, brutal electro and rancid acid were all stitched together with impeccable skill as she kept us moving like a crowd possessed. The Hamburg native was constantly grafting, digging records out of her bag and meshing together fresh new records with dusty hidden gems with the skill of a master selector." - - Read the full review:

A massive MASSIVE thankyou to @Helena-Hauff for setting off Room 2 of our 20 Years of Blueprint Records event, alongside James Ruskin, Luke Slater, Regis and Objekt.
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