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Download Heavenly Earth -Goodbye,dear HERO- by 403(team-7) free mp3

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Lyrix = Robert Legacy
Music = Robert Legacy
Arrange = Robert Legacy, 403
Vocal = Robert Legacy
Backing Vocal = Hatanaka
Choir = 403, 1024, Hatanaka, Robert Legacy
Lead Guitar = Robert Legacy
Rythm Guitar = Robert Legacy
Keyboard = 403
Musical Adviser = 403
Lyrix Adviser = 403

Goodbye, dear “The Earth” the last farewell…
The world didn’t welcome me. That was what you wanted.
Whatever you say, everything turn into regrets.
(あなたが紡ぐ言葉が 私の後悔に変わっていく)
What I can do is to pray for your happiness.
(今はただ あなたの幸せをただ願うだけ)

Bring back the sweet memories of the ordinary
Were you happy in your calamity life?
(つらい人生だったけど それでもあなたは幸せだった?)
Although I remember only in fragments, was it good?
(その記憶のかけらをわたしは覚えているけど それでよかったの?)
That what I have asking now.
(わたしは今 それが知りたい)

I am praying for all I have loved.
Confine my heart, lost my heart.
(心を 想いを殺して)
I never want us to part.
(But) it’s time to say good-bye…
(だけど さよなら・・・)
I want…I want to be “Forever”.
(叶う事なら有から無へ わたしは”永遠”になりたい)

Destinies, all fake stories
Oh I can’t deny , All goes to zero understand
(わたしには否定できない すべてが無に帰すことを理解しないと)
Close my eyes, longing in the memories, sing,
(思い出に憧れ 瞳を閉じて歌う)
scream in smiling till the end.
(最後の瞬間まで 笑顔で悲鳴を上げるの)


If you want, your wish come true,
(あなたが願えば その願いは叶うわ)
but, Don’t say your wish.
Because you don’t want it.
(だって あなたは本当はそれを望んでいないのだから)

I found it the door never opened and the door never closed
(知ってしまったんだ この曖昧な距離が幸せだったってことを)
but I hold the key to the “heavenly earth” in my heartache…!!
(でも私は 心の痛みの奥底に・・・!!)

Memories, all fake stories
(思い出さえも 全て偽りだったなんて)
Oh I can’t deny , All goes to zero understand
(存在を”無かった”と理解しなければ 否定できない)
So , close my eyes, longing in memories
Sing , scream in smiling till the end of World…
(笑いながら叫びながら この世界が終わるその瞬間まで・・・)



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