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To be clear, I do this for the culture, the independent artist and to keep my blade sharp. No ones making $ off your music over here, if you want to donate something, it's gladly appreciated.
Here's the link for donations:

1- Eto & BodyBagBen- Integrity
2-YOD Prodigy - Crab Cakes
3-MenaceTheDJ ft. Rakim Al Jabbaar- By All Means
4- Sweet Jesus
5-Sleep Sinatra -The Craft
6-Dirt Platoon - Rev Reid
7-Dmize X Lord Goat - Think Twice
8-Terror Van Poo - Bitch Vibes
9-Mikey - You A Dub
10-Maffew Ragazino, Sr. Nems - Cornerstore Carnivore
11-Snotty - Dirty Pots
12-Defari x Mike City - Amazing
13-Eto & BodyBagBen -Death Lends A Hand
14-Supreme Cerebral- Magnum Opus
15-Stu Bangas ft. Recognize Ali & Blacastan- Gideon
16-Big Brick -Fly Talk
17-Loretta Records ft.Camino, Jugganaut & Jamil - Money in the Bag
18-Boldy James - My First Offense
19-Indigo Phoenyx ft Professor Daddy O - From the Dirt
20-Tha Soloist- 2021
21-UllNevano/JR Swiftz - My Gawwwd
22-Cut Beetlez ft. Reks- Bars
23- Ghostface Killah - Air it Out
24-DirtyDiggs ft. Tha God Fahim & Mach-Hommy - Keyloid
25-Magno Garcia - For The Crown
26-Madhattan ft. Benny The Butcher - Friday The 13th
27-UllNevano - Fleer Cards
28-Defari x Mike City - All I Got Is Today
29-Defari x Mike City - Special Announcement
30-4-IZE Ft. Talib Kweli, STAHHR,
SeƱor KAOS, Number 2- Stay Ignorant
31-DirtyDiggs ft. Elcamino & Benny The Butcher -Shrimp At Phillipes
32- DirtyDiggs ft. Westside Gunn & Conway-Robert Horry
33-Eto & BodyBagBen- For It
34-Obnoxious & Castle Money Beats - Dedicate This
Genre :
Hip-hop & Rap
Release :

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