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Produced by: @otterpop123 Feat. @beabadoobee
Suggested from Martin <3



Dont stay awake for too long
Dont go to bed
Ill make a cup of coffee for your head
Ill get u up and going out of bed

I don’t wanna fall asleep
I don’t wanna pass away
Thinking of r future cuz
Ill never see those days

I don’t know why this has happened
But I probably deserve it
I tried to do my best
But u know that I’m not perfect

Ive been praying for forgiveness
you’ve been praying for my health
when I leave this earth
Hoping you’ll find somebody else

Cuz ya we still young
Theres so much we haven’t done
Getting married
Start a family
Watch ur husband with his son

I wish it could be me
But I won’t make it off this bed
Hope I go to heaven so I see u once again

Ya my life was kind of short
But I got so many blessings
happy u were mine
it sucks that its all ending

Im happy that u here w me
Sorry if I tear up
When me and u were younger
U would always make me cheer up

taking goofy videos
And walking through the park
U would jump into my arms
Every time u heard a bark

We would cuddle in your sheets
Sing me sound asleep
And sneak out through your kitchen at exactly 1:03

Sundays go to church
Mondays watch a movie
soon you’ll be alone
Sorry that u have to loose me
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