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@darkscienceelectro Episode 347 is a guest mix by Mr. (aka Larry is absolutely not a newcomer to the Electro music community as he has been active in releasing music under his own Monotone label since 2001. Larry has also released with Frajile Recordings, Satamile Records /STATIC events, Debonaire Records, Inc. and more. He has a brand new release on that is sure to please fans of the Electrobass sound that he helped define.

Dexter - Patternmaster
Gesloten Cirkel- Zombie Machine (Acid)
Adam Jay - Monomyth
London Modular Alliance - Tremors
Jensen Interceptor - Microbial
Obergman - Rotunda
Of Norway -The Yearning (Davis & Zopelar Remix)
The Resonance Committee - Change
Morphology - Vector Plant -
Adapta - Kord_Port (V2)
Special Request - Adel Crag Microdot
DJeDJotronic & Defekt - Lace
RXmode - Fracture
Umwelt - Outside Me
Larry McCormick - Rocker
Genre :
Electro mix
Release :

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