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@supachefm @burnttboy 💃🏻💃🏻

mixed by @tothegood

when i wake up in the morning i just ask myself,
should i keep on fucking trying or just cap myself?
i can overhear you lying i just ask myself,

is it worth,
all the pain?
is it worth,
all my days?
is it worth,
all my time?
can i find,
me a way?
take your time this is fate
all them other boys are lame
come wit me and save the day
i got all this time to waste

every single day
i feel pressure in my heart and in my brain
do you understand the time that your with me
every time that you take my breath away
i remember we would steal your parents car
me and you together dancing in the dark
if you let me keep you for the day
i could show you every
thing you took from me

ay ay ouu oh
i can play yo little game anymo
every time i hold in for you,
you wanna tear me apart again
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