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"This tune has to be my favorite track that I’ve written. After releasing Abysmal EP, Six Feet Deep was my first attempt at doing a heavier style than what i usually do. This tune was heavily inspired by the B section of Zoom (L.U.X Remix), and originally started as a remix of Hive Bounce. If you listen closely you can hear some elements that are either directly influenced by Hive Bounce or resampled and manipulated from the original! After dozens of final renders, being played out by myself and other artists, and being teased in mixes all around, I am very happy to say Six Feet Deep is out now!" -CF

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Disciple Round Table
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Download this Dubstep song created on 12/06/2020, by Disciple Round Table Avatar Disciple Round Table .
The track duration is 53:46.
The soundcloud track was commented 193 times and was played 84635 times, with 5389 favorites.

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