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Download Chill On! by DENSE - 2018-12-30 - Best of Cosmicleaf Rec 2018 special by Chillgressive Tunes free mp3

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Chill On! - the weekly update in modern chillout sounds broadcasted at Hirschmilch Radio every Sunday 2-5 p.m. Berlin time. Hosted by DENSE.
This was edition #453, broadcasted 2018-12-30, and contains DENSEs hand selected edition of the best tracks of Cosmicleaf Records in 2018.
Enjoy 3 hours, sounds between 70 and 120 bpm.

Track list:
Eguana - Deep Space
DENSE - Chaldene
Translippers - Autumn Reflections
Side Liner & Aviron - Robot
Translippers - Prominences
Side Liner - A Second Before
Zero Cult - Sweet Apathy
Shunkan Idou - White Valley
Earth Connect - The Sunflower Dance
Kick Bong - Echo In My Mind
Essence Project - Simplicity Of The Essence
D- Batistatos - For All I Know
Earth Connect - Everything Is Going To Be Alright
Zero Cult - Asymmetry
Essence Project - Sayfa
Eguana - In The Woods
Aviron - Beyond The Pines
Zero Cult - Psydisco
Kick Bong - Jazzy Fantasy
Omel - Groove Hypnotized
In’R’Voice - I’m Your Inner Voice
Earth Connect - Memory Generator
In’R’Voice - Human Recycle II
Rising Galaxy - Wave Function Collapse
Kill The Geek - Feed Your Soul
Essence Project - After All
Aviron - Charlatan
GMO & DENSE - Passing Storm (2018 live version)
Magnetik - Snake Charmer
Rising Galaxy - Time
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