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Build All The Way To The Moon is the signature song from the Tribloos 3 album!

We might look different but we're just like you
Life gets tough sometimes and we feel down or blue
But finding something broke to fix and mend
Is better when you do it with a friend

We can build, we can make
We create when we fabricate
You're not here, but we'll see you soon
When we build all the way to the moon

We've built together for so many years
We laughed, we cried, we fought and conquered all our fears
And sometimes we might even get it wrong
But when we build together we are strong

We can build, we can make
We create when we fabricate
We're all here, and trey is blue
We will build all the way to the moon

We can fly, without wings
We can do, almost anything
when we try and we open our hearts
we can build all the way to the stars

The soundtrack for Tribloos 3 is now available on Steam and Bandcamp.


Featuring the now vocalised track "Build All The Way To The Moon" the album contains the 9 most prominent tunes from the game, remastered and ready to be listened to again and again.

With further updates planned to the game soon including new localisations and DLC, now is the perfect time to come and see what all the fuss is about!

Tribloos 3:
Tribloos 2:
(Tribloos 1 coming to Steam very soon)

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