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First official single from Lila Iké

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Written by Lila Iké
Produced by The DrumKeys and Diggy British
Art by Nickii Kane
from In.Digg.Nation Collective


You think a likkle bit a headset my mommy pop off?
She say put down that dj ting deh a just you book me want you take up
Take up, take up
'cause everyday you want fi make bare noise more while me want you shut up
You feel like no producer boy can carry you a studio go lock-up?

Now she's my biggest fan
Love you my number one
Words of a queen
That's everything weh fimi mama say to me, yeah
She's still my biggest fan
Go see your face when you hear this here one
Words of a queen
Everything what fi me mama say to me yeah

Verse 1
A me fi tell you about a Lila weh
The studio door me coulda never ever reach deh deh
‘Cause mama say if me do it she ago beat me yeah
That couldnt keep me weh
‘Cause me done did have the drive
One day inna me room me deh
A sing a tune pon a nice piece a beat me say
Me neighbour deh a tell me how me sound sweet
Mama walk in and hear it
Say she need the one deh pon her play list

Verse 2
And it was no debate
When a time fi we get up and go wash out the plate
We coulda never ever set foot through the gate
Before we read a Psalm, preferably twenty three or ninety-eight
You say go on hold the faith
If a this me really want then put Jah first and elevate
So everything you say me still deh ya a concentrate
So mom you see da one ya
Want you know say a fi you me do da song ya

See ever since I was a little teenie weenie tot
Me always dream fi build a tune weh circulate the map
So everybody start fi ask a who fa daughter that
Yuh hear say a fi Cherry, yeah, the one what never talk a lot
See in my heart love for you I really got a lot
I hope you know that this is just the starter pack
And me give thanks for every single time
U literally beat in those words of divine

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