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beamon lyrics

never chased these hoes i could not do it
i stay by my lonely with my music
i used to love this girl
but that bitch changed
all i got is me
i drop flame
i'll stay by myself
if it mean i'll get peace
choppers through my city
northside niggas crazy
that girl know that beamon ain't no lame
find me sliding in the sky
that's where i'm at

i don't wanna share my life with boppers
since i was like two years old i ain't have a father
i feel like it left my heart with rage
that's why you see fire in my face

honest to god i don't need no fake bitch
i would rather stay alone every day
skinny nigga put diamonds up in my joggers ugh
tried to play me for forever fuck you little hoes

nightmares in my skull and i can't find a way up out it still
tried to play me for a lame i flip you like a windmill
i ain't here to play no games i'm rawest in the fuckin mill
then you hit my phone say what i'm on
you watching from a distance that's why shit be funny to me
ima keep it real boy that's a girl you could keep
and you be watching everything boy you know the beam
is a beast

i'm spending all these days without you still
i'm spending all these days without you still
i'm spending all these days without you still
i'm spending all these days without you still


thank you for listening

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